​Can this software receive updates or be upgraded in the future? 
Absolutely, you can update your software whenever the manufacturer releases new updates. This software can also be upgraded when a newer version is released by the manufacturer. However if the upgrade is a necessary purchase, you must pay for the upgrade, same as you would a retail version. If you need support you can always contact our knowledgeable customer service staff by phone, email or live support on our site 24 hours a day 7 days a week!

Is your software full versions? 
We only sell the full version programs - not upgrades, trials or academic releases. They act, install and run exactly as the retail versions you would buy at your retail office supply store. They usually don't come with the box, or owners manual, but also don't come with the hefty price tag! Since these are the full version programs, it is not required to have any previous versions or trial versions of the software. We also recommend that if there are any previous versions or trial versions on the computer for you to completely uninstall those before installing the software using the discs or download links you received from Advantage..

How are you able to sell some of your products at such low prices?
We are not under contract with or "authorized" to sell on behalf of any particular software manufacturer. As a result, we are able to sell our products significantly below the MSRP. We purchase at lower prices from reputable sources in the wholesale market and pass those savings on to you! All of our vendors are verified resellers.
We also do not sell retail versions. We purchase OEM, DSP and corporate unused versions. See “About Our Software” section for full descriptions.
We have been primarily an  IT install company and purchase VLK or volume license keys for particular products and sell left over unused products at exact cost as they cannot be resold as retail.

Where is my product key or serial number?

CD versions have the serial printed directly on the disk, cover sleeve or in insert of the CD cover.
Downloaded versions will have the serial often sent with the installation instructions or in a separate email from the setup/install link.

The software I received wont install or doesn't function properly.
From time to time this happens. Software manufacturers create the software to install and run properly and post the requirements the specific computer must have in order for the software to function properly. Every computer is different and may have numerous factors that may cause a particular program not to install or run properly when installed. It might be a compatability issue with a program you currently have installed, you may have a previous version of the software already installed that needed to be uninstalled prior to the new install. Or it could be as simple as needing an extraction program to open the install file. We offer one year free tech support on all of our purchases and will have our sales representatives or IT technicians troubleshoot your issues. We offer email support, phone support or even remote assistance direct from our site so we can install and make sure your software works perfectly.
We guarantee that any product you purchase from us will install and work flawlessly on your computer. We guarantee that you will never have a registration issue with the manufacturer of the product. We guarantee you will be satisfied or you will get your money back.

Once I make my purchase, how long until I receive my order?
Our online ordering system is fully automated and orders are processed in the order in which they are received. Media-less software is queued on our server once payment is processed and delivered within the hour. Most of the time usually within 5-10 minutes.

Retail or Cd version if ordered by 3pm Eastern time is shipped the same day. Shipping is by USPS Priority Mail with delivery confirmation and tracking information is always sent as soon as it becomes available.

Please email us with any other questions or choose our live help feature on our site for the fastest response.